Get Involved

I am so appreciative that you would like to get involved. There are many ways for you to help me push for change, and become part of making Fargo a better place.  I really appreciate all of your efforts.  Here are five specific ways in which you can help.

  • First, tell a friend about me.  To have you endorse my candidacy to another is the most valuable contribution anyone can make.

  • Second, become my 'friend' on Facebook to receive all the latest updates.

  • Third, request a yard sign at  Signs will not be ready till spring, but I will be honored to deliver a sign to your yard at that time.

  • Fourth, buy me a cup of coffee.  You'll find me eager to sit down and talk about how we can make Fargo a better place.

  • Fifth, invite me to visit your club or group.  I would very much enjoy the opportunity to share my story with you and also to hear your story.

  • But please, no financial contributions; that's what the typical insider politician would ask for.  As an outsider, un-politician, I am self-funding my $1,000 campaign budget.  I do this so that you, and all other voters, can assure yourselves that I am not indebted to any moneyed special  interests.